CloudWays Review 2024: Step-by-step Guide

When it comes to buying better web hosting for your website, CloudWays is one of the best web hosting choices for you. CloudWays is the best choice for you if are starting your business online. It provides you 24/7/365 service. In this article, we are going to talk about CloudWays and will do a CloudWays review to clear all your doubts regarding CloudWays hosting.

cloudways review
Cloudways Review

About CloudWays

CloudWays was founded by Uzair Gadit, Pere Hospital, and Aquib Gadit in 2009. Since then, it’s serving its best service to its customers worldwide.

CloudWays is available in many countries worldwide and it has members from all over the world to spread its business day by day. CloudWays has always put its users as their top priority. They never fail to provide their best service to their customers.

Cloudways has always been one of the best cloud hosting providers in the market. They offer all their customers 24/7/365 live chat support to make sure any errors or queries are solved as soon as possible. Let’s dig more into it.

Cloudways Review

Cloudways is a decent hosting that works as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the top five cloud platforms – DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. All these companies have the fastest VPS and SSD performance servers. Cloudways gets its hosting infrastructure from these five companies.

Cloudways makes it easy to manage all these five platforms at once. This leads to no confusion for the users. Some users get confused by using all the panels differently, so Cloudways has made it easy for the users to access all of them at once.

Let’s take a Cloudways review that will help you to understand this platform better. Make sure you read it till the end which will make a good impact if you are interested in purchasing Cloudways.

Plans & Pricing

CloudWays gets its infrastructure from the top five cloud hosting companies and their prices are different than each other. Those top five cloud hosting companies are DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and GoogleCloud.

Let’s know more about these cloud companies…


Digital Ocean is a very popular cloud infrastructure provider. It is an American-based company that provides cloud to its users worldwide. It’s also the cheapest service for any other cloud service provider. DigitalOcean cloud service starts at $10/mo. It has 8 data centers worldwide.

cloudways hosting review
DigitalOcean Plans – CloudWays


Linode is an American LLC company that provides Virtual Private Servers (VPS). It has 11 data centers worldwide. Linode’s service starts at $12/mo.

cloudways cloud hosting review
Linode VPS – CloudWays


Vultr is an advanced cloud infrastructure platform to empower developers and businesses. It has two plans: One is Standard Frequency, and the other is High Frequency. Vultr has over 17 data centers worldwide and its Standard Frequency plan starts at $11/mo and High-Frequency Plan starts at $13/mo.

cloudways hosting
Vultr Standard Frequency Plan
cloudways review
Vultr High-Frequency Plan


AWS, known as Amazon Web Services, is one of the best cloud computing platforms. It’s also APIs to individuals, companies, and governments based on pay-as-go service. AWS plans are more costly than the other providers. It starts at $36.51/mo.

cloudways hosting review
AWS Plans – CloudWays


Google Cloud Platform is the cloud computing infrastructure offered by Google. It’s best for businesses, eCommerce, developers, etc. The price of the Google Cloud service is more than the other services offered by CloudWays except for AWS. It starts at $33.18/mo.

cloudways cloud hosting
GoogleCloud Plans – CloudWays

CloudWays Features

CloudWays has a lot of amazing features that everyone would like to have. Once you have upgraded to CloudWays, you don’t need to worry about anything. Let’s talk about those amazing features that are the reasons for upgrading to CloudWays.

24/7/365 Support

CloudWays provides 24/7/365 support to all its customers. If you are facing any problem with anything then you can contact CloudWays to ask for customer support at any time. Customer support plays a very important role for the company.

New users often complain sometimes about things they don’t understand, so the company has to handle them. If customers aren’t satisfied with the service then the company is going to end up losing its reputation.

Pay As You Go

This is probably one of the best features of CloudWays. You only need to pay for the resources you use. Most companies charge more than you use their resources. They even charge you for the resources that you don’t even use once. But CloudWays has different policies than the others. It charges you only for the resources that you use. In this way, you are going to save a lot for your business.

Free Migration

This is the best feature if you want to migrate your domain from other hosting to CloudWays. You can migrate your first domain name for free with CloudWays with no charges. If you are thinking about purchasing CloudWays then you can migrate one of your domain names for free. The other providers charge when you are migrating your first domain, but CloudWays does it for free.

Free SSL Certificates

When you purchase any hosting from CloudWays, it provides you free SSL Certificates for your websites. SSL Certificates play an important role in the website. It provides a secure layer to your website which prevents attackers from seeing the user credentials of the customers. Google doesn’t rank websites that don’t have SSL Certificates. So, if you are doing SEO, your website won’t rank in Google.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

CloudWays has an easy-to-use control for its users. This control panel is very helpful for beginners. This control panel is too easy to understand. It helps new users to understand what they want to do with the control panel.

However, old users who are addicted to advanced panels, might not like this as it looks too straightforward. But with time, you are going to get addicted to this one as well.

Drawbacks of CloudWays

Everything isn’t perfect. Everything has flaws, but it doesn’t mean that things aren’t good. Even after the flaws, things keep going doing their best every time. In this paragraph, we are going to talk about some drawbacks of CloudWays.

No Email Hosting

Emails play an important role in businesses. You need to interact with your customers daily via email if you want to grow your business worldwide. So, in this way, you are going to need email hosting for that.

Many hosting service providers offer email hosting as well. But unfortunately, CloudWays doesn’t offer email hosting yet. In the future, maybe they will launch email hosting.

As businesses are expanding day by day, the demand for CloudWays will increase which will force them to launch email hosting services as well.

No Domain Registration

This might be a shocking fact for some guys. Even after providing the cloud hosting service, they don’t have their own domain registration system.

However, they provide you a temporary domain name at the time of application setup for your website. A domain registration system might be available in the future, but for now, you can purchase cloud hosting only. It would be nice if they added this program as well.

CloudWays Support

CloudWays has three types of 24/7/365 support plans. You can choose any plan according to your needs and continue growing your business online.

1. Standard Support Plan

Standard support of CloudWays is more than enough for most of its customers. In standard support, you get 24/7/365 access to live chat with CloudWays customer support. Every request will be routed to a specially trained Support Team Member to resolve your issue on the spot. 

2. Advanced Support add-on

If you want more support than the actual one then this is the best choice for you to go after. Advanced Support speeds up the response time and provides a wide range of CloudWays experts. You will get deeper troubleshooting, customization support, proactive monitoring, and expert answers. 

3. Premium Support add-on

Premium support is best for those customers whose businesses run mission-critical sites and where every minute matters. You will get all the advanced support with this plan with an even quicker response time. You will also get a dedicated Account Manager, a private Slack channel, and direct phone calls. These features are enough to resolve the issue in just a few minutes. 

Features of Advanced & Premium Support

  • Priority Support
  • Plugin/Theme Troubleshooting
  • Performance/DB Optimization
  • Server Error Investigation
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Customization
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Private Slack Channel
  • Phone Support

Compare Support add-ons

24/7/365 Live Chat & Ticketing Standard SLA
Infrastructure Support
Platform Support
Application SupportGuide
Proactive MonitoringAlert
Customization Support
24/7/365 Private Slack channel & Phone Support
24/7/365 Live Chat & Ticketing Standard SLA
Infrastructure Support
Platform Support
Application Support
Proactive MonitoringAlerts
+ Proactive Investigation
Customization Support
24/7/365 Private Slack channel & Phone Support
24/7/365 Live Chat & Ticketing Standard SLA
Infrastructure Support
Platform Support
Application Support
Proactive MonitoringAlerts
+ Proactive Investigation
Customization Support
24/7/365 Private Slack channel & Phone Support

CloudWays Free Trial

Cloudways offers a free trial of 3 days to get familiar with their service. You don’t even need a credit card to avail of this trial. If you are confused about buying Cloudways hosting plans then you can try their days free trial. It will help you understand their platform and figure out if it’s best for you or not.

How to avail of Cloudways Trial?

With these simple steps, you can avail Cloudway’s free trial for three days:

Step 1: Go to Cloudway’s official website.

Cloudways Review

Step 2: Click on “Get started for free” and a new interface will come up where you will be asked to fill out the form.

Cloudways Review

Step 3: Now, your free trial has begun. You can set up web hosting free for 3 days.

Cloudways Review

CloudWays Pros & Cons


  • Infrastructure from 5 best Cloud Service Providers – DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud)
  • Free SSL Certificates for domains. 
  • Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat support. 
  • Pay As You Go Services


  • No email hosting.
  • No file manager. 
  • No domain registration facility. 
  • No root access. 

Final Words

Everybody has their own choices when it comes to web hosting. We are not forcing you to purchase only Cloudways but to analyze it to check whether it is best for your business or not.

If you found it best for your business then you can go for it. Everyone has their own requirements, budgets, bandwidths, and more. There are a lot of that you have to first consider before purchasing any web hosting.

From the features that we have provided you in this article, we think that Cloudways is one of the best cloud hosts in the market right now. It offers you a free trial for 3 days with no credit card information. You can test it to check if it’s good for you or not.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or queries regarding web hosting or any other website related then feel free to contact us.

FAQ – CloudWays

Is Cloudways a Shared Hosting?

No. Cloudways isn’t a shared hosting platform. Cloudways is a cloud hosting platform that gets its infrastructure from the top five cloud services providers – DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. These companies have the fastest VPS and SSD performance servers.

Does Cloudways provide 24/7 support?

Yes. Cloudways provides 24/7/365 customer support via live chat. Their customer support is rapid and amazing. They teach you everything efficiently. If you are new to Cloudways and don’t know anything about it then you should definitely try their customer support once, they will clear up everything about their service.

Does Cloudways offer a free trial?

Cloudways offers a free trial for 3 days. In these 3 days, you will have full access to Cloudways services for free. This trial helps you understand Cloudway’s service and test whether it’s best for your business or not.

Can I sign up at Cloudways using ProtonMail?

No. You can’t use ProtonMail to sign up at Cloudways. The only emails that are allowed are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.

Can I buy domain names at Cloudways?

Unfortunately, Cloudways doesn’t offer domain names yet. However, they provide you a temporary domain name while setting up the time application setup for your website. But that’s not what the customers want. Cloudways might start domain registrations in the future as the demands are rising.

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