How Do Google Core Updates Affect the SEO of Your Website?

Google has constantly been rolling out its core updates over time. And it has gotten beginner and intermediate marketers into a stage where they’re confused. They just try to recover their website from a core update and when the website finally starts recovering, Google surprises them with another update.

And it’s been happening a lot nowadays. Because Google is rolling out a new update almost after every month. Now, the question is going inside every marketer’s mind: How to recover from such core updates?

Read this article til the end to get answers to all of your questions.

Do Google Core Updates Affect the SEO of Your Website?

Yes. Google Core updates affect the SEO of your website. Now, the point that it’ll affect as negative or positive, depends on the content of your website. If it’s user-friendly, you are good to go with the core update. It won’t hit that much.

However, if the users have any kind of trouble with the content on your website, it’ll turn down the SEO chart drastically.

Why Does it Happen?

Now, this question will be running in almost every person’s mind. The reason why your SEO gets affected by the core update is that you’re not focusing on the user experience of your website.

The only motive for Google to provide these updates is that it wants the marketers to improve the user experience of their website for the readers. Google wants only genuine information for its users.

Hence, if you’re not focusing on that, you can’t rank well on Google. You must provide relevant information to users along with the proofs. If you are explaining something, you must be speaking from your experience. You can embed a video of yourself doing a review of a particular thing or something like that to show the genuineness of your content.

How Do Google Core Updates Affect the SEO of Your Website?

Like we told you in the beginning, either it’ll affect as negative or positive. It depends on the content of your website. Moreover, how users interact with your website, that’s also an important factor.

Since Google focuses more on users, if the users are interacting with your website for a longer duration, it’ll boost the SEO of your website. Because it states that your website has good information for the users and as a result, Google shows your website at the top for the readers.

When Does Positive Effect Take Place?

The positive effect takes place when your website follows the guidelines of the core updates and the users stay on your website for a long duration. In the end, it’s all about users’ likes and dislikes. If you can win the users, you can obviously win the SEO game as well.

When Does the Negative Effect Take Place?

The negative effect takes place when you haven’t followed the guidelines properly. Moreover, the users are bouncing back to your website and staying on your competitors’ websites for a long duration. This is where Google ranks your competitors over you. Hence, your website is de-ranked within a few days.

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