Must Read the 5 Effective Ways to Rank Your Blog in Top 10

Everybody makes some kind of effort to rank their blogs on the top page of Google. However, not everyone succeeds. Either there is a problem with their content, or maybe they’re not doing enough optimization into their content. In this article, we’ll talk about the 5 effective ways to rank your blog in the top 10.

By following these easy methods, you’ll be able to see the results within a week. Sometimes, it takes up to two weeks or maybe more, depending on the competitors and Google Crawler.

5 Effective Ways to Rank Your Blog

In this paragraph, we’ll talk about the strategies you can use to rank your blog with no extra effort.

1. Structure of the Content

5 Effective Ways to Rank Your Blog in Top 10

The structure of any content is one of the most important things. It defines what information is written in your article. Moreover, the structure represents the points covered in the article. Googlebot will catch if the facts in the article are relevant to the readers or not. And that bot will rank your article based on that.

A good article structure is a combination of appropriate title tags like H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. Make sure to give suitable headings and subheadings to enhance the quality of your content as well as the structure.

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2. Proper Keyword Placement

5 Effective Ways to Rank Your Blog in Top 10

Proper keyword placement tells Google what the content is really about. A lot of content writers write content but forget to place the keywords adequately. This process is also known as Keyword Density. According to it, the focus keyword in your article should be 2-3% of your overall content.

However, that doesn’t mean you will start spamming the content with repeated focus keywords. Instead, you only need to mention the focus keyword once after two or three paragraphs. But it must be placed naturally like it’s a part of the content. Not something that looks non-fitting.

3. Embed Inbound & Outbound Links

5 Effective Ways to Rank Your Blog in Top 10

Embedding inbound and outbound links does nothing but improve the authenticity of your content. If you are referring to authentic resources using outbound links, you’re going to rank better than the others. Google demands genuine information from its readers, and via relevant outbound links, you can boost the authenticity.

Moreover, the inbound links refer to your existing articles. If you are writing a new article that represents some points from your previous articles, you can interlink them with each other. This shows how rich the content of your website is.

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4. Write Better Content

5 Effective Ways to Rank Your Blog in Top 10

Content is 70% part of the ranking. If your content isn’t well, it doesn’t matter how much effort you make to get it ranked, nothing will work. The greatest content advice: Write for the readers, not just for the search engine.

Google wants only the right information for its readers. And if you are good at providing what users really need, nothing can stop you from ranking at the top. Sometimes, good content ranks on Google without any external efforts.

5. Share Your Content

5 Effective Ways to Rank Your Blog in Top 10

Sharing is caring. Always share your content on your social media accounts or pages. It redirects the audience from different platforms to your website. And it can boost interaction time. If the content is well-written, the users will definitely read it for a longer duration.

The longer the users interact with your website, the more positive results you’re going to get. This sends a positive signal to Google that the content is perfect for users since they’re staying on it for a longer duration to read it.

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