What is a Blog & Blogging- Everything you need to know!

Are you tired of reading a ton of articles on Google about What is a blog or What is blogging? If yes then you’re now in the right place. With Bloggingberg, you’re going to get every single piece of information about the blog and blogging that you may have never heard about.

Many guys want to become bloggers in the modern generation, but they are stuck in the beginning. That’s why we’re here to enlighten those guys to do the right thing.

All you need to do is share your information regarding your favorite things. It doesn’t matter in which field you’re in. You can start a blog about whatever thing you like.

We are going to share some of our personal views on blogging. Also, we are going to talk about the difficulties that you might have to face during blogging.

What is a Blog?

If we say in simple words, a blog is:

“A blog is a website that has a suitable number of writers who share their thoughts about specific things on the internet.”

This might be a little confusing for you. Let’s illustrate it with an example. You will understand it better.

This website is a blog.

It means that what you’re reading right now is an article on a blog. The blog is what holds the content in a post.

We hope that you probably would have got what we’re trying to say. If you still have any confusion, then keep reading this article till the end. You will understand everything better.

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What does “blogstand for?

According to computer terms, a blog is made by the combination of two words: Web & Logs.

Web + Log = Blog

What is blogging?

As you guys now know a blog is content on a website. Just like this, a term comes blogging. A blog and blogging are related to each other.

A blog is content, and blogging is called writing that content. Whatever you write on your website, that writing process is known as blogging.

Blogging is a fun process. You learn a lot of things in the blogging process. It helps you increase your thinking capacity, just like computer programming. You start thinking uniquely while you’re blogging about something.

There’s no limit to words in blogging. You can write as many words as you can. You can blog twice a week or once, it’s up to you.

What Are the Uses of a Blog?

A blog can be used in many ways. All the uses of a blog are given below:

  • To promote a brand.
  • To share knowledge with the audience.
  • Personal Journalism (For hobbyists)
  • Teaching students.

And there are so many uses for a blog. It’s up to you what to choose or what not to choose.

The Difference Between a Blog and a Website

To all the guys reading this article, if you are confused between a blog and a website, this paragraph will end your confusion.

There are three types of websites. Those three websites and their functions are given below with examples:

  1. The website is a blog.
  2. The website has a blog.
  3. A website is just a website.

Let’s discuss it in detail. It will help you to understand better.

The Website is a Blog

The best example of a blog is the website TechRadar. From the picture below, you can see that there are a lot of blogs on it. This entire website is a blog.

What is a blog

In simple words, a website that publishes a lot of content and refers to itself as a website or a publisher is called a blog. Because it’s technically a blog since the primary content of the website is blogging.

The website has a blog

In this case, a website doesn’t have any kind of content but a different kind of blog. We know it’s a bit confusing here, but let’s understand it with an example.

Let’s take the example of the website SendPulse which is an email marketing website.

what is a blog

You can see from the picture above that this website has a separate link to its blog. It means that it’s not their primary content.

The primary purpose of this website is email marketing. They are selling their email marketing software on their website. So, email marketing software is its primary content.

In this case, the website owners refer to their website as a website, business, or software. Even though they do have a blog, they won’t call themselves bloggers. Because they are selling a service.

The website is just a website

In this case, a website doesn’t have any kind of blog or service for selling. But they do have a website that has a blog as a standalone site.

The perfect example of this is the website Logomakr.

what is blogging

This website is used for making logos for your website, business, and more.

Right now, this website doesn’t have any kind of blog but is just a standalone website that’s used to make logos. In the future, they might have a blog, but right now, they only have a website.

This type of website is for local real-estate brokers, websites like Facebook & YouTube, and more.

What should I blog about?

Well, it depends on your own choice and passion for a specific thing. Blogging isn’t just sharing anything random on the internet.

The secret behind a successful blog is to understand your readers. You have to analyze what type of content they like to read. You can blog about anything like products you like, any technical skills you want to share, knowledge about a particular thing like a product or a machine, or it can be whatever you want.

You just have to make sure that your readers like to read whatever you write. If your readers are happy to read your blogs, the more reach your blog will get.

What makes a Good Blog?

A good blog isn’t just a blog with tons of audiences. A good blog is one where the readers feel comfortable reading and like to visit again, and, again.

A good blog is a combination of unique content and a good bond between the writers and the audience.


We hope that you guys now have learned a lot of things about blogging. So many guys out there are confused about what is a blog and what is blogging. We have explained everything in simple wordings. We hope it helped you understand better. If you still have any confusion then you can tell us in the comment section. We are always here to help you in every condition.

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